“The circle, my theory of life.
Circles and Symmetry.
Circles are meant to close at the highest point, and the best is always to come.
Words that come to mind. Greek words that we donated to other languages.
Inspiration from the historic speech of Xenophon Zolotas before the International Monetary Fund in 1957.
I use them often, emphasize them, underline them, call them out.

I had written the texts only for myself. Sometimes abstractly, and sometimes informally. With or without verbs. I haven’t made any corrections, I’m not re-reading them. I always keep the first thought that comes to mind, the original. Some stand the test of time and continue to have the same value. Some have faded.
I felt the time had come to share them.

Thus a book was born.”


Dr.Metaxotos’ book was published in 2023.
A book full of deep confessions.
A game of 88 words and pictures.

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